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With Roboeyelabs, it’s easy to generate invoices. All invoices are stored for future reference and tracking. You can generate invoices from the Invoices tab of the application.


Each invoice can be easily viewed, modified, and updated with the click of a button. Each invoice can be set to a particular status (such as overdue, open, or cancelled). The status of the invoices get automatically updated in the dashboard.

The Invoice Lifecycle

Invoice statuses follow the lifecycle of an invoice from draft to paid and allow you to keep track of where each of your invoices are in their lifecycle. Each of the statuses listed below are automatically set for you when specific activity occurs with an invoice, but you may also choose to manually change the status at any time during the invoice lifecycle.

  • Draft
    When an invoice is first created, it is placed in Draft status by default. Sending an invoice by email will automatically change the status from Draft to Sent. Clients cannot view any invoices when they are in Draft status.
  • Sent
    When InvoicePlane sends an invoice to a client by email, it will place the invoice in Sent status. This occurs when using the Send Email function and it also occurs when a recurring invoice is automatically emailed. Clients can view any of their invoices when they are in Sent status.
  • Viewed
    When a client views the invoice by either using the Guest URL to view the invoice or by using their Guest Login account (if they have one), the invoice will be placed in Viewed status. This allows you to keep track of which invoices a client has looked at.
  • Paid
    Once an online or offline payment has been made in full against an invoice, the invoice will be placed in Paid status.
  • Overdue
    Any invoice with a due date prior to the current date will be visible as being overdue. Overdue invoices appear in invoice lists with a red due date so they are easily seen.

Viewing Invoices

To view the invoice list, click Invoices from the main menu and select View Invoices.

By default, the invoice list will show all invoices. The filter can be set to All, Draft, Sent, Viewed, Paid or Overdue by choosing the filter from the submenu bar.
To navigate between pages, use the pager buttons located on the submenu bar.

The Options button at the end of each row displays a menu with a number of items when clicked:

  • Edit – View the quote
  • Download PDF – Download a copy of the invoice as PDF
  • Send Email – Send the Invoice to the client via email
  • Enter Payment – Enter a payment for this invoice

Creating an Invoice

To create a new invoice, either choose Invoices from the main menu and select Create Invoice, or from the invoice list, click the New button near the top right of the page.




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