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I don��t know how to catch a sudden cold in the past two days, dizziness, eye swelling, nasal congestion, sore throat, rice is also not fragrant, and I can��t say anything, it��s very uncomfortable. So I took a vacation, and it was rare to hide in bed and watch TV. I thought about it and thought about it. Suddenly I felt that the cold was a wonderful thing. It was a “must-have artifact” for re-recovering blood. . For example, one day, you suddenly feel so tired, suddenly feel that you don’t want to go to work, suddenly feel that you want to take a vacation to relax, the best reason is: “Boss, I have a fever today, may have a cold Newport 100S Cigarettes, want to take a vacation Let’s go see the hospital.” Although you can find other reasons, there is no reason to be better than this one. Suppose you don’t have a reason to catch a cold, the cat is dead at home, the dog is dead, and the boss is definitely not approved. I used myself to get cancer, my grandfather died, my grandmother died, and so on. First, I felt that I was cautious. Second, in the event of a morning adjustment, you suddenly felt full of blood and suddenly felt that you had to struggle. To fight hard, I suddenly feel that I really want to go to work. You can’t find a reason to go to the unit immediately. Instead of using a cold, you can go to the unit at any time, then go to the boss’s office and say to the boss with a thick nasal voice: “Boss, I went to the hospital to check it out, just a cold and fever, I think there are so many things in the unit. I will go back to the unit directly. “How natural, how simple, accidentally, the boss will also praise your cold at the staff meeting, it is a “must-have artifact” to push the wine. People are floating in the rivers and lakes, how can they not slash? People go in the rivers and lakes, and entertainment is indispensable. There are always some entertainments that you don’t want to go to Cigarette Wholesalers. There are always some people who don’t want to drink. At this time, a cold is the best reason. “Hey, Wang Ge, I am really sorry, I really want to come, but ah, the virus is very bad, it will be contagious. So, next time, how about my next visitor.” Listen to your strong cold sound, this Wang Ge often opens the net. If this king is too honest, don’t push it, don’t be afraid, you have a cold. “Wang brother, I really can’t drink this wine today, catch a cold, and hit the head cell.” After that, the hand with the tape will be stretched out to ensure that no one will dare to persuade you. For other reasons, although it can achieve the purpose of not drinking, for example, “I’m sorry, the liver is broken, can’t drink anymore.” However, if you want to drink again next time, you don’t know how to open it. The beauty of a cold is wonderful. It is a “must-have artifact” for love and love. If the boy is chasing a girl, the boy must secretly pray in his heart: “God, let the girl get a cold!” And once the girl has a cold, you have a chance to show cheap. Imagine that when the girl was lying in bed coughing, the boy suddenly appeared, then holding a glass of boiled water, kneeling on her bed Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping, said softly: “If you have a cold, you must drink more boiled water.” Must not lose in holding a diamond ring and stumble in front of the girl. If the girl wants to chase the boy, and it is not easy to speak directly, the girl must secretly pray in her heart: “God, let me get a cold!” When the woman gets a cold, she must find ways to let the boy know if he is right to you. Intentionally, he will definitely hold you boiled water. If he doesn’t care about you at this time, then I advise you to forget it. In addition to the above three, in fact, there are many other wonderful things about the cold, such as it is still a star. Just wearing a mask is a must-have artifact for officials to fight with sad cards Wholesale Newport Cigarettes. So, is the cold so wonderful? Personally feel that the cold is so wonderful, it��s wonderful to say that it��s going away, it��s wonderful Newports Cigarettes Website. It can be said that it is small, but it can form SARS when it is serious. It is insignificant when it is slight. It can be reversible and can be defended. It is wonderful that it can control “My site is my master” dinner, I put My point of view is for family release. Daughter is my strongest supporter. Because in our family, my body is the weakest, I can catch a cold when I can’t move. I have a fever when I have a cold, and I burn it to thirty-nine degrees with a fever. Therefore, every time I catch a cold, I can rest for a day or two without blaming myself. It is rare to be able to lie in bed and call my wife to pour tea and not complain. When my daughter met, I couldn��t help but look envious: “Dad, you are so cool! I also want to catch a cold, so my mother will not only know that I am forced to study, I can also lie in bed to call you and my mother, haha. “When it comes to pride, sometimes it will laugh out unconsciously.” However, since the elementary school, this “little wish” of her daughter has been difficult to achieve. Since I was playing well when I was a child, even though my wife and I had a cold, she didn��t even sneak. Therefore, she often can only “look at the sick and sigh”, and I am full of “envy and hate” my wife, my most determined opponent. Because every time I catch a cold, I always feel that she is involved, give me a boiled water, take a thermometer, take a cold medicine. However, no matter how she opposed it, I was very useful. She has always been strong, only at this time, will show a gentle and considerate little daughter state. When she helped me with my back, I stared at her closely, and she saw her screaming and blaming her. She saw her face flying and watching, and I seemed to be back in our first love.

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