Baby, you grow up an

Baby, you grow up and write to the grandson of the five-and-a-half-year-old grandson, you are five and a half years old, and go to work in kindergarten. My grandfather appreciates the spirit of diligence and learning. The spirit of your study is not only reflected in the study of cultural knowledge, but also in the life skills to talk about your performance in cultural knowledge learning. In this regard, the most impressive thing you have left to your grandfather is the question. A few days ago, my father accompanied my mother to give birth to a younger sister in the hospital. Transfer your grandfather to kindergarten. On the way to the grandfather to send you to kindergarten, when you see the big tree of unknown, you will ask: “Grandfather, what is this tree?” However, the grandfather can not tell its name; For example, when you play games with you at home and abroad Marlboro Gold Cigarettes, you suddenly ask your grandfather: “Grandfather, is 80 plus 20 equal to 100?” Grandpa said happily: “Yes! Baby is awesome!” When the grandfather asks you 6 plus 4 is equal to how much, you quickly replied: “Equivalent to 10 pairs!” Without a small finger to figure out. Haha, the mouth will count the addition and subtraction within 10. “Great! Great!” The grandfather is also amazed. In addition, what you most let your grandfather appreciate in learning is that you have developed a good habit of completing the homework assigned by the teacher after school. For example, on Friday evening, the grandfather took you home from kindergarten. The first thing you think of is the homework assigned by the teacher. With the help of parents, I recorded a small story in the “Classification Reading” and a video of 8 words on 8 literacy cards, which were sent to the teacher via WeChat. With the help of my grandfather, you quickly complete the video shooting and read it very accurately Newports 100. Then play. My grandfather believes that once this good habit is developed, it will be of great benefit to your future study and study, and you will learn about life skills Cigarette Wholesale. My parents are not at home Buy Newport Cigarettes Online. When my grandfather is ready to bathe you at night, you say that you will take a shower, but your grandfather is watching. If there is no wash, remind me. For example, when you wash your hair, you will use one hand to hold the shower against your head and use your other hand to rub your hair, but the back of the head is not picked up. I just want to talk to you, you put the back of your head with your hand. That was cleaned… The grandfather looked in the eyes, hi in the morning in the heart, after getting up, you will stack the quilt yourself and put the mat flat. The grandfather always feels that it is very valuable to be able to do this as a baby after 10 years! It is very important to cultivate self-care ability from a young age, which is extremely important for your future growth and development. Please firmly believe: Have this habit of learning and learning. With the ability to do what you can do, you will grow happily and happily! As long as you persist, you can become a good student and learn to love you after school Marlboro Cigarettes Website. June 23, 2108

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